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Grass Gator Safety Tips
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All gas and electric weed trimmers can be dangerous if not used properly. Always take every precaution possible when cutting with any trimmer attachment, and familiarize yourself with the safety instructions that are in your trimmer's User Manual, the safety information included with the Grass Gator, and the safety tips below.

1) Do not allow anyone to use a Grass Gator replacement trimmer head unless all safety precautions are read and understood.

2) There is a great risk of eye loss from thrown objects. Always wear eye protection when using a trimmer. When trimming next to rocks, gravel, etc., you must decide whether a total face shield is necessary. Always wear safety glasses under face shield.

3) Always use ear protection.

Grass Gator Safety Pack

4) Always wear proper clothing to protect feet, legs, and other exposed parts of your body. Never wear open toed shoes or shorts while operating a trimmer. Heavy boots are recommended.

Grass Gator Safety

5) Always inspect area prior to trimming. Remove all loose objects, such as cans, bottles, rocks, etc., prior to trimming.

Grass Gator Safety

6) Never allow anyone to enter the danger zone while you are operating a trimmer. The danger zone is a 100-foot radius around the trimming area. All persons within 100 feet of an operating trimmer should wear safety glasses.

Grass Gator Safety

7) Children and pets should be kept in the house under supervision while mowing and trimming equipment is being used.

Grass Gator Safety

8) Never remove debris shield from trimmer.

9) When trimming around solid objects, always run trimmer at a low RPM. Never run trimmer blades into solid objects.

10) Always avoid trimming near broken wire fencing. Pieces of wire can be broken off by trimmer and hurled at operator or bystanders at high speed.

11) Never use a bladed unit for edging where blade is put in a vertical position. Keep trimmer head horizontal to the ground; never turn trimmer on its side or upside down to trim.

Grass Gator Safety

12) Be sure to keep the trimmer head below ankle level.

13) Keep a firm footing and balance while trimming; don't overreach; be sure lighting conditions are adequate; keep your body away from the rotating head and hot surfaces.

Grass Gator Safety

14) Always inspect your Grass Gator replacement trimmer head prior to each use; replace damaged or worn blades or line as a complete set.

15) Alcohol, medications, drugs, fatigue, and illness increase the chance of accidents and injury. It's best not to operate your trimmer under these conditions.

Grass Gator Safety

16) Carefully read your trimmer or brushcutter's Owner's Manual, reviewing proper grass and weed cutting practices, and safety information before operating machine.

Grass Gator Safety

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